To Do

Based on the current implementation, the followings seems to be implemented/modified:

  • Reduce dependency on SymPy.
  • Include sdp solvers installation (subject to copyright limitations).
  • Error handling for CSDP and SDPA failure.


The following to-dos were implemented:

  • Extract solutions (at least for polynomials)- in v.1.1.0.
  • SOS decomposition- in v.1.1.0.
  • Write a __str__ method for SDPRelaxations printing- in v.1.1.0.
  • Write a LaTeX method- in v.1.2.0.
  • Keep track of original expressions before reduction- in v.1.2.0.
  • Removed dependency on joblib- in v.1.2.1.
  • Save the current status on break and resume later- in v.1.2.2.
  • Windows support- in v.1.2.3.